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The Bushmoot is an opportunity for individuals and families with an interest in Bushcraft to gather together and expand their knowledge through mutual skills and knowledge sharing. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or new to Bushcraft, everyone is welcome.  The days either side of the ‘Core’ are camping days which give individuals the opportunity to practise their Bushcraft skills, attend courses, socialise, visit the local area or just relax and enjoy the natural setting. 

Summer BushMoot guidelines.

The guidelines are here to maintain the safety and comfort of the whole site, please help us to have a safe, comfortable and happy experience at the Bushmoot by following these rules.

• When arriving at the Moot please register as soon as possible and display your car permit in your car at all times.
• If arriving in the evening please keep the noise to a minimum when coming through the village and entering the site.

• Limit potential injuries by being sensible.
• Under 16's cannot carry edged tools unless with parent or guardian.
• If in doubt ask.
• First aid point will be marked.
• Do not carry unsheathed tools.
• Do not run while carrying tools.
• Do not play with fire.
• Respect those around you.
• Alcohol has a direct affect on safety, do not use edged tools and drink.

Consideration for others
• Be considerate of others near you, you having a party or making a lot of noise might not be nice for your neighbour.
• Never touch/use someone else’s tools or equipment without permission.
• Do not walk through others camping areas.
• Do not set up your camp across footpaths and access routes (especially guy lines)
• If you see litter pick it up and keep your camping areas tidy.

Lost items
• Any lost items report to reception so we can ask everyone at the morning meetings.
• Found items please hand in at the reception.

Food / Self catering
• The Moot is a self catering event*
• Bridgend shops are just a couple of miles away from the site.
• There's often the opportunity to get a lift to the shop, mention it in the morning meetings
• Shopping park: CF31 3SQ with 24hour shop (Tesco) and Lidl etc
• We have a communal meal where those that wish to bring a pot of food for the table. 5th August 2019

*There is a Meal available from 6-8pm on the 2nd August and a breakfast on the 5th 8:45 - 9:30am, you can reserve your place and meal through the ticket shop here.

• Axes, knives and any other tools should always be kept safe.
• Never touch/use someone else’s tools without permission.
• Learn how to use a tool before you hurt yourself or someone else by misusing it.
• Only use tools in the appropriate places at the appropriate times.
• Anyone acting in a dangerous manner will be asked to leave the site.
• Youth should not carry or use edged tools except when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

• Children are the responsibility of the parents.
• Please do not allow your child to use edged tools unattended.
• When around fires children should be accompanied at all times.
• All children should be with parents/guardian by 9:30 in the evening because of safety (it's getting dark then) and noise (consideration for others)

• Only to be lit on sandy ground.
• Keep them small and appropriate to use.
• Do not leave unattended.
• Keep water handy.
• Extinguish properly.
• Tidy away completely – Do not leave any trace.
• If in doubt, ask.

Site / Rubbish
• Keep the site clean by picking up any litter that you make or see.  Black bags will be available. (clear up after yourselves is a must)
• Recycling should be removed by you from site (Tesco is the nearest recycling point)
• Mixed rubbish should be in black bags or if possible burned on your fires (cardboard etc)
• No dogs or animals are allowed on site.
• Parking should be in specified areas.
• Evenings – people on site should be mindful of others and keep noise down so that others are not disturbed (naughty corner included).
• Keep drinking to evenings after all activities have stopped, do not become loud, rowdy or troublesome, be considerate at all times.

• Campers are not allowed pets on the site (site owners policy). Sometimes animals are used in workshops or demonstrations with special permission.

• Have respect for instructors, their tools and their time.
• If you have a specific interest in a subject, ask if anyone can accommodate you.
• If you would like to share a skill, run a workshop or gather people for an activity please let the staff know, speak up. Sharing is what it’s all about.
• Workshops are based on a best effort basis, sometimes they get changed or do not happen.
Some examples of previous workshops are: Flintknapping, knife making, shelters, canoeing, carving, foraging, cooking, bow making, sharpening, tracking, fungi ID, forging, hangi, friction firelighting, knife safety, fires, tinders, tarp use, birch bark, leatherwork, axe use, natural medicines and more including workshops for the youth and more.

Bring & Buy
• A great opportunity to sell on gear that you no longer need and find the gear you do.
• Run by BushMoot staff.
• Available to all attendees that want to sell their own stuff or items they have made.
• 10% of money taken goes to the BushMoot organisers.
• All items should be priced before putting on the tables, tags will be provided.
• Please sell appropriate items, we're at the BushMoot, rather than a car boot sale.
• Any questions ask at reception.
• If you have a commercial interest please contact us to discuss trading.


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