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The Bushmoot is an opportunity for individuals and families with an interest in Bushcraft to gather together and expand their knowledge through mutual skills and knowledge sharing. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or new to Bushcraft, everyone is welcome.  The days either side of the ‘Core’ are camping days which give individuals the opportunity to practise their Bushcraft skills, attend courses, socialise, visit the local area or just relax and enjoy the natural setting. 

Autumn Moot

October 8-14th 2018

If you need a break in the woods then the Autumn Moot is where you need to be

The idea behind the Autumn Moot is that we have a week in the woods with no pressures, it can be a time to relax, a time to practice skills and have a great time.  We decided to have a theme so that anyone interested in using the opportunity can practice craft based skills and we can all share knowledge or just do our own thing.

There isn't going to be scheduled workshops like those at the Summer Moot, this is going to be even more relaxed than that event.  

So, if you want to have a no pressure break in a beautiful location, or practice your leather working, or your carving, or you'd like to try something completely new, the Autumn Moot is a great place to do it.

When: Monday 8th October from 12pm to Sunday 14th October 12:00 noon

Cost: £65 per person, this includes camping fees and the site facilities for the week.

Accommodation: There are camping areas and facilities (hot water, Showers etc) that are free to use.  Please note that we do not provide any camping equipment, you must bring your own.  There are local shops within a few miles for any supplies you might need.

Reserve your place at this event:

Autumn Moot 8-14th oct

This ticket allows you to Attend the Autum Moot from Monday 8th October from 12pm to Sunday 14th October 11:30am

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Day ticket

Attend on a day by day basis - Day tickets cover from 10am - 10am the following day between the 8th and 14th Oct.

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Autumn Moot - Children 4-15 years

This ticket is for Children ages between 4- 15.  Under 4 are free and 16+ need adult tickets

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Day ticket - Children

This ticket is for Children ages between 4- 15.  Under 4 are free and 16+ need adult tickets.

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