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The Bushmoot is an opportunity for individuals and families with an interest in Bushcraft to gather together and expand their knowledge through mutual skills and knowledge sharing. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or new to Bushcraft, everyone is welcome.  The days either side of the ‘Core’ are camping days which give individuals the opportunity to practise their Bushcraft skills, attend courses, socialise, visit the local area or just relax and enjoy the natural setting. 


The ultimate crafty course - Oct 2018


2018 heralds the arrival of the first ever CraftMoot. Come and stay on our picturesque 100 acre private campsite in Merthr Mawr, Wales. Spend some quality time with us and learn 5 different crafts and take away everything you make as well as the skills and knowledge you gain.

Our goal is to give you a fantastic experience learning a variety of crafts from our expert tutors while we make sure that you are well fed and have relaxing downtime in a beautiful woodland location.

You will spend a day on each of the following crafts:

  • Stool/simple chair making
  • Ash Lathe Basket making
  • Leatherwork
  • Ceramics and pottery
  • Wood carving - spoons & wood spirits

At the end of the week you will leave with the fruits of your creations taught to you by experts.

The event is fully catered providing all meals and refreshments during the event.

When: Monday 8th October from 2pm to Sunday 14th October 11:30am.

Cost: £750 per person to include all materials, intruction, food and camping fees for the week.

Accommodation: There are camping areas and facilities that are free to use.  Please note that we do not provide any camping equipment, you must bring your own.  Alternatively it is possible to stay in local B&B's if you prefer.

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