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The Bushmoot is an opportunity for individuals and families with an interest in Bushcraft to gather together and expand their knowledge through mutual skills and knowledge sharing. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or new to Bushcraft, everyone is welcome.  The days either side of the ‘Core’ are camping days which give individuals the opportunity to practise their Bushcraft skills, attend courses, socialise, visit the local area or just relax and enjoy the natural setting. 

Course Tickets for 2018 are listed below

We run a number of 1-3 day paid courses during the days before and after the 'Core' days of the BushMoot (so, 6th - 10th August and 16-18th August) The courses are provided by professional instructors at a hugely reduced rate for Bushcraft UK and BushMoot attendees.

More information about the following courses is available HERE:

*Please contact us if you have any specific requests for a bespoke course, we would need a minimum of 6 people to run a course but any subject should be possible with some notice.

You can also discuss any courses or workshops on the Bushcraft UK forums, here is the link to the BushMoot section of the forums - BushMoot forum discussions

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